Thursday, February 15, 2007

Santa Monica, California

Well... It's my last full day in Santa Monica, California. It's been a pretty fun week. I got the opportunity to meet a co-worker of mine in person for the first time. His name is Mike, and he lives in Minnisota.

We hit it off well. Went out to eat at this old English pub that I haven't been to in three or four years.

The weather has been great. I checked online and Santa Monica is actually warmer than it is in Houston right now. You don't see that too often.

Got the chance to talk with Larry yesterday (on his birthday) but we were cut off as I was walking to the rental car in an underground garage. I had sent him a text message to his cell phone, not realizing that he had a different one, or an additional one. Oh well... It's a good thing he called me, or I never would have got hold of him.

The recording sessions I've been doing here have been going well... Although there have been multiple production delays, causing us to work LATE into the evening (and also causing me to have to push my flight back). But, at least the content is good.

I'll be flying into Houston by 6:00 am tomorrow morning. Then I have to run home, shower, swap out luggage, do the Announcement Bulletins for Huntsville and the Houston North and be ready to leave by noon. Chris Perry and I are driving up to Dallas for an extended weekend to take part in the Young Adults weekend up there. It's a four hour drive, so I hope I get plenty of rest on the plane.

David L Good

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