Saturday, July 12, 2008

Alcatraz view from the beach

At the beach -- Golden Gate in the background.

Lunch at Kapp's Pizza in downtown Mountain View, CA

CJ enjoys dinner at Birks, in Santa Clara

Chris' last night in Cali

Chris in front of Lombard St.


Chris stands at Lombard Street.

The world famous road in San Francisco -- known for its numerous curves.

Perry's first Golden Gate crossing.

Redwood "Treehouse"

This is the treehouse that we would always stop at when traveling to
"The Ramch" back when I was a kid. It is an old hollow redwood tree --
they put a door on the front of it and there is a gift shop inside. I
haven't beem inside for years. It seems that every time I go by it is
closed. I'm not sure if it's closed for certain seasons or what, but
it was closed on this pass by it as well.

Tradition dictates that we at least stop for a quick photo.